Working Papers

Gender Specific Labor Market Shocks and Bargaining Power: a Machine Learning Application to Scanner Data (with Osea Giuntella, Kelly Hyde, and Dor Morag)

Gender Differences in Likeability and Team Synergy (with Erin Giffin and Rachel Landsman)

Industrial Robots, Workers' Safety and Health (with Osea Giuntella, Luca Stella, and Tianyi Wang) IZA Discussion Paper 13672, accepted at Labour Economics

The Effect of Negotiation on Securing Equal Pay for Equal Work (with Rachel Landsman and Lise Vesterlund)

`The Boomerang College Kids: Coresidence and Job Mismatch (with Stefania Albanesi and Ning Zhang)

Delayed American Dream? Student debt, Family Formation and Homeownership (with Stefania Albanesi and Ning Zhang)

Dreaming of Leaving the Nest (with Osea Giuntella and Jakub Lonsky)

Exposure to Immigration, Birthplace Diversity, and Attitudes toward Newcomers (R&R at Migration Studies)