Working Papers

“Dynamic Effects of Educational Assortative Mating on Labor Supply.” (Job Market Paper)
(with Osnat Lifshitz)

“Educational Assortative Mating for Blacks and Whites since the 1960s.” (with Kevin Lang) [New version coming soon. ]

“Nuns and the Effects of Catholic Schools. Evidence from Vatican II’’ (with Osea Giuntella), IZA DP 7753
[Media coverage:
IZA Newsroom, The Economist, Chris Blattman, RES 2014]

Work in progress

“The Closing of the Gender Gap in Marriage Wage Premium”
“Putting Off Retirement to Keep Being Your Kids’ ATM,” (with Zvika Eckstein and Osnat Lifshitz)
“Marriage of Equals and Inequality”
“A Late Start: The Effects of Generation Y’s Delayed Entry into the Workforce on Generation Z’s Prospects,” (with Osnat Lifshitz)